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Ideas / Suggestions

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Important Informations

If Sidewinder Creations agree to create a custom product from a submitted idea, the submitter transfers all rights to the original idea (in particular, this includes copyright, image, naming rights) to Sidewinder Creations for an unlimited period.
By submitting an idea, the submitter also assures that they are the sole holder of all original rights to the idea. The submitter also assumes any liability from third parties in relation to extraneous ownership of rights.
This transmission of rights to Sidewinder Creations takes place with this offering, without the need for further declerations.
If a product is made from the submitted idea, the submitter will receive compensation in relation to the submitted idea in the form of one (1) free copy of the product, and may receive additional credit from Sidewinder Creations for extra Sidewinder Creations products if the submitted idea receives a great demand. In relation to this extra credit, a seperate written agreement will be made, at the discretion of Sidewinder Creations.

Additionally, as a condition of submitting an idea, the submitter confirms that they are at least 18 years old.

Do not send photos of real genitals. We exclusively accept artwork. (Hand sketch, 3D model,...)
Sidewinder Creations will required images in which all details are noted in full, and which are in all views 'correct' - textual description will not be accepted. "A picture says a thousand words!" :)

a good hand sketch can be enough
three perspectives (side, upper- and lower side) would be fine
3D- Model (useable for freeware program or viewer) is perfect

We also accept proposals for the idea's name, sizing, or other information.

While higher image resolutions are better for judging the idea, please send no files over 5Mb! .ZIP, .RAR and some other file extentions can not be accepted, for reasons of security.

You may be contacted in relation to your submitted idea and will receive images of a finished sculpt prior to first production for your final permission.

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