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About SW- Creations:

SW Creations is a company which specialized on the sexual preferences (also called fetish) in the sector "Furry". However, also all kind of other fetish articles are manufactured on customer request (if technically possible)

SW Creations develope and produce small charge and custom made products which are tailored to your particular needs. Totally never mind how "curios"  your wish is, if there should not used critical materials and ther are no  requirements, bans and rules existing.


Of course I try to reach the highest quality! However, as all products are 100% hand-made, it may be possible that abberations appear in products - such as small bubbles or colour failing - though these will not affect usage.


- All products from SW Creations are 100% hand-made.
- Custom-made, affordable products
- Electrics not possible
- Realise your own ideas!


Platinum-cured Silicone

Other, planned materials:
PVC, Film, Faux-Fur, Glass-fibre reinforced Plastic, Nylon, Leather, Stainless Steel, Aluminium

Do you know of another material which could be considered? Let us know!


Silicone is easy to clean; cleaning with warm water and ph-neutral soap can remove all visible dirtiness. However, take caution not to use silicone-based cleaners, oil-free cleaners, or alkalis! These can damage silicone products!


Ideas / Suggestions:

You have a special idea for a product not yet existing? Get in contact! In the Ideas/Suggestions section, you can find our email addresses.
Important: Please read the information thoroughly!
(Your idea may be anonymously posted.)

Special Design:

Special designs will induce a premium pricing and may have a longer delivery time. You should understand these limitations prior to sending a request to SW Creations.
We price custom products on the material costs, size, and complexity.

A refund of such products will not be possible!


To order a product, please send us an email: Contact   (shopsystem is in work but take some time)
Our price list is here.

After ordering, you will receive (usually within 24 hours) a confirmation of your request with payment information, an estimated shipping date, and our current terms and conditions.
If you accept our terms and conditions, we will await receipt of payment within seven days to the displayed banking account.
(An excess of seven days will result in a termination of your order.)

All prices include 19% VAT

Important! Our company is based in Germany. Ordering from any other country may lead to a supplementary import or customs charge!

Centralised Order:

Centralised orders are possible with SW Creations, if the order and payment are carried out by one person. With regards to import and customs charges, this may lead to a saving when ordering from abroad.
The merchandise will be sent to the person who has ordered. To receive your products from that person, you will need to organise with that person.

*Complaints will only be handled from the person who placed the order!*


Should there be an incorrect delivery - or if you accidentally bought the wrong product - these can be returned.

The right of refund does not apply to the supply of custom-made products, or which are modified or tailored.
Some products are sealed in foil packaging. We will not accept refunds for items where the foil packaging has been removed.


Your order will be sent by weight or size as a consignment or packet with DHL. For most items, shipping times are approximately ten working days - unless otherwise notified - from the date we receive payment.
SW Creations cannot influence shipping times, which may be up to a few weeks depending on the destination country.

Shipping prices can be found in the
Shipping / Price List section.

Your package will be sent in neutral packaging, with a discreet return address.

Material Declaration:

Platinum cured Silicone:

Silicone is made out of natural raw materials by the synthetic way and it is considered as a natural product. Silicone is usually physiologically compatible and non-toxic

> in many different hardness degrees available
> Harmless to health (because no serious additives contain -> phthalates)
> Excellent elasticity, firmness and smoothness
> High color and shape retention
> Heat resistant (can be sterilized without problems)
> UV-resistant
> Smell and Tasteless
> absorbs body heat rapidly to (Can be pre-heated or cooled without problems)
> Easy to clean
> suitable for allergy sufferers

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