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This fancy toy made out of physiologically harmless silicone, is a masturbator with testicle-ring in the shape of a Squid.
this is a race of a wild living Squid which loves to hunt divers to suck on theis genitals and wind her tentacles around the divers balls. After she succed she wouldn't loose her victim and enjoy each cumshot untill she finished dinner.

The surface is smooth and very easy to clean, inside and out.

Size:     Length:               ~ 11.0" ->  28 cm
            Useable Length: ~   6.7" ->  17 cm
            Width:                 ~ 2.75" ->    7 cm
            Height:                ~ 2.55" -> 6,5 cm
            diam. Ballstrap:   ~ 1.55" ->    4 cm
            inner diam.:         ~   1.0" -> 2,5 cm

Weight: ~ 0.99 lb -> 0.45 Kg

Color: - standard colors
           - color according to customer specification ***Custom-made product***

--- For cleaning, use only hot water and ph neutral soap!
Caution: Do not use silicone-based cleaner, oil-based cleaners or stron alkalis! ---   

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