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This fancy Toy is a sex-plant or more a bloom.
The bloom is recognized as a regular nipple sucker. Squeeze the air out and let go after you put the sucker onto the nipple. The flower can hold their own weight of 200 grams (depending on vacuum) without problems.

DANGER! Too high vacuum it's possible for bruising.

Size: - height (relaxed): 5.10" -> 13 cm
         - max. diameter sucker: 2.55" -> 6,55 cm
         - max. diameter petal: 7.10" -> 18 cm
         - diameter sucker opening: 1.10" -> 2,8 cm

- single color complete in: standard colors
          - dual color -> pedal / bloom in: red, yellow,orange, green, blue, black, white, skin
          - Color according to customer specification, please HEX / RAL - / ... code when ordering (slight deviation possible!)
***custom made***
          - other coloring on request ***custom made***

~ 0.88 lb/pair -> 0,4 Kg/pair


--- For cleaning, use only hot water and ph neutral soap!
Caution: Do not use silicone-based cleaner, oil-based cleaners or stron alkalis! ---   

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